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It‰ۡó»s a plant of big and hardwood green and dark leaves, with a very little internodal separation which gets longer according the plant gets its sexual maturity. It's relatively easy to grow because accepts very well the nutrients.

When cultivate indoors it can be grown with a density up to 12 plants / m2 giving them three weeks of vegetative growing. The harvest is a true blessing due to the compaction and hardness of its buds and to the high resination that lets they covered under a shiny white mantle. This will happen in 55/65 days after the beginning of the flowering. Although for who is looking for the most sedative effects, it could be taken until 70 days.

In case of having an enemy, for this plant it would be the excess of temperature, because if them exceeds 30̴å_C can lead to a low density bloom. It accepts well the SOG cultivation technique (Sea of Green) and it has some facility for getting rid of de nutrients excess. A few days after stopping the fertilization apply; its leaves will start to go yellow.

Growing outdoors and directly to the ground, and planting in mid April, we will have beautiful plants with big production that will bring us its beautiful and intoxicating flowers in early October, while if planted in pots on early/mid May we‰ۡó»ll get compact and dense plants, that will allow us to bloom them discretely in balconies or terraces..

When growing Tropimango we must be cautious with the rains because of the high density of its buds.

Tropimango smells like fruits, like tropical fruits to be little more precise, aroma that remains perfectly reflected on the palate when luckily we can vaporize or smoke it. Is really a plant that does not deceive, what you feel when you smell it‰ۡó»s exactly the same that you feel when trying it, and this flavour remains inside of the mouth even after several minutes have passed after trying it.

Concerning the effect, its Indica dominance makes it rather relaxing, but not demotivating at all, let‰ۡó»s say that makes you take it easy, non stress. On the other hand it‰ۡó»s a plant with really high medicinal or therapeutic possibilities, because of its high cannabinoid concentration especially of THC and CBD.

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