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Sugar Pop is another product of the collaboration of Philosopher Seeds and̴Ì_Reggae Seeds. This time the line Golo breeders crossed White Russian x Kalijah with a reversed male of Jack The Ripper. The result was most indica variety of the Golo Line collection.̴Ì_

Sugar Pop seeds have great power of germination and vigour, producing plants of good structure, with an average internodal distance, ̴Ì_beautiful look and easy to grow.

We can make out two phenotypes quite marked, recognisable at a glance by the height, one medium and the other a little lower.

In self-cultivation within this range will need at least 3 week vegetative period, although it may give a little extra week to phenotype.

With the change of photoperiod, Sugar Pop develops a large central bud with few branches, struck by the large number of pistils presented, resulting in a plant of great beauty. Of the aforementioned phenotypes, one is closed chalices mark and the other shows a lot of resin that come from the paternal genetic Jack The Ripper.

Under lights, the resinous phenotype will be ready to harvest at 55 days of change of photoperiod, the other phenotypes will need 7/10 days more to complete the cycle. In all cases the production per plant is medium-high, with hard buds, heavies resinous.

Overall plant is very resistant to high temperatures, pests and diseases, but having a large central bud should control the mildew in the later stages of flowering. Should take particular attention to nutrient application, because it is a sensitive plant fertilising.

As for taste, Sugar Pop offers a sweet predominantly from the White Russian, mixing well the scents of all its parents, from the earthy incense of Kalijah to the haze of Jack the Ripper. When the plant is dry it have not too much smell so its good to carry some buds without been discovered though has a light odour hides a very strong flavour and very persistent in the mouth.

Sugar Pop provides a mild stimulant effect with a slight slope that goes up and that will end in a state of relaxation, ideal to consume in the second phase of the day and relax our mind and body.

Genetics: RK Crossing # 14 x Ripper # 1

Sativa-Indica Content :60-40%

Flowering indoor: 55/65 days

Outdoor Harvest: October

THC Content: High

Indoor yield: 400-500 g/m2

Yield outdoor: 400-600 grams per plant.

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