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To create this strain, the team of breeders Golo-Line used Naran J, an old hybrid from Reggae Seeds genepool, resulting from a cross of New York City Diesel with Morning Glory. This Naran J was crossed with Philosopher Seeds' Tropimango reversed male to try stabilizing the wonderful orange taste from Naran J with vigor and productivity of Tropimango. Finally, this work gave us wonderful results…

Naranchup is a bushy plant with a strong structure, low height and little space between nodes. The big central bud makes it perfect for Sea of Green.

Indoor we advice 3 or 4 weeks of growing cycle and a density of 12 to 15 plants/m2 in 7L containers for flowering cycle, even if it performs well in 11L containers too, in this case you cut the apex in the fourth week of grow.

Pre-flowering stage will last about 3 weeks, before the plants show their first flowers. Add a little extra of food in the 4th, 5th and 6th weeks will allow them to reveal all their potential. Naranchup is a heavy consumer of nutrients, so it becomes very yellow before harvest.

There are not many differences between phenotypes; this strain is very stable, not only in look, but also in smell, taste, and yield. We can found a phenotype with a shorter flowering period; this one shows some nice purple colours.

Naranchup is a good choice for every grower. It is very pest-resistant, and supports quite well high temps, low temps, and over fertilizing, an ideal choice for beginners.

Flowering time indoor can vary between 55 and 65 days. Naranchup's yield is average to heavy. Buds are compact, but not excessively, they have a texture like cork, flowers will blow up like shaving cream when you crush them.

Flavours are orange and diesel, but without the heavy typical fuel taste of Diesel. We can say this flavour is now refined. The smell and taste are amazing, like ripen oranges with a touch of grapefruit.

The high of Naranchup is very fast and the effect is psychedelic, almost immediate, thereafter it become more physical and stabilized, it is a perfect strain to pass a nice day followed by a very pleasant descent.

Genetics: Naran J X Tropimango

Sativa/Indica ratio %: 65/35

Indoor flowering period: 55/65 days

Outdoor harvest: early October

Indoor yield: 350/450 g/m2

Outdoor yield: 500/600 g/m2

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