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The variety K-13 Haze is heiress of the best qualities from its both progenitors: It‰۪s vigour and it‰۪s dense and compact structure come from its ascendant Yumbolt, and it‰۪s thin leaflets leaves, it‰۪s incensed aroma and it‰۪s clearly sativa effect åÊproceed from its second parental, Kali Mist (Western Winds).

This is an easy growing plant. Flowering longs 55-65 days and gives a high production. Presents a very dense and high branching, so it‰۪s not recommended growing it with the SOG system, but it‰۪s possible to use SCROG. For getting an optimum performance growing indoors, it‰۪s recommended a density of 10 plants/m2 using 7L pots. It will take three weeks of vegetative growing.

On the other hand, it adapts very well also into the ground or in a pot growing it outside. In this last case, we will need 40 L of capacity pots for letting it develop itself at its best. A highlight of this variety is that its branches come up completely full of buds, what generates the production of formidable tails covered in resin.

The flavour and the aroma of this variety Haze give citrus tones, with tropical pine apple reminiscences when the plant is green and it renews itself to incense while the drying and curing keep going.åÊ

Its effect is clearly Haze, what implies that it‰۪s not suitable activities that need concentration. In definitive, it‰۪s a sativa variety with excellent effect.

Genetics: åÊYumbolt x Kali Mist.

Content Sativa-Indica: 70% Sativa y 30 % Indica.

Indoor flowering: 55-65 days.

Outdoors harvest: last September-mid October.

Indoors production: 450-600 grams /m2.

Outdoors production: 400-600 grams / plant.

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