• Jack el Frutero aka Fruity Jack
Jack el Frutero aka Fruity Jack

Jack el Frutero aka Fruity Jack

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The parents used to create Jack El Frutero come from the gene pool of our friends and collaborators of Reggae Seeds. For this occasion used Respect #13, Spannabis 2012 winner, the result of crossing Juanita Lagrimosa and a Cannalope Haze elite clone.

As a male parent, the Golo Line breeding team used a Jack the Ripper reversed male, a sativa phenotype selection with relatively short flowering time, which adds flavor and Haze dominance effect in addition to stabilizing the crossing.

From the Jack El Frutero marijuana seed will sprout a strong structure plant with few leaves. The Jack The Ripper parental provides good stability to the crossing, but does not impede us to find 3 phenotypes in terms of height. Between the lower and higher, in some cases the difference is around 15 cm in the last week of flowering.

Because of its sativa dominance we recommend starting the self-cultivation from seed with a density of between 9 and 16 plants per m2. Although it could also ̴Ì_be grown in a 20 pl/m2 SOG if they are passed directly to bloom.

It‰ۡó»s important to highlight that it‰ۡó»s a variety that requires a significant nutrients contribution to fulfil their potential, Jack El Frutero thanks being grown on land with a good quantity of organic nutrients, as we already mentioned it‰ۡó»s a variety that accepts and demand complete and abundant nutrition.

In return it will give us full of resin buds, one of its main features, making it perfect for the production of high quality hashish.

From the Golo Line collection, undoubtedly Jack El Frutero is the most psychoactive variety, and we recommend it to disconnect and go with the flow of the music or to find a nice quiet time in nature, its balloon effect with moments of mocking buzz, that may favour us to forget worries. The Jack El Frutero name is a tribute to its parental Jack The Ripper, which not only provides stability to crossing, this plant offers a variety of fruity flavours especially when vaporized, heritage of each one of its predecessors.

In this variety of organoleptic phenotypes, in addition to the Haze or Juanita dominance, we‰ۡó»ll find some where you'll perceive the fusion of all the parental, anyway whatever the phenotype we have the pleasure of taste, the flavour will dense and very persistent in mouth.

Genetics: Respect #13 x Jack the Ripper #1

Sativa-Indica content: 65% Sativa - 35% Indica

Indoor flowering: 60/70

Outdoor flowering: ̴Ì_half october

Indor production: ̴Ì_400/550 gr/m2

Outdoor profuction: 400/600 gr per plant

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