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We just recommend Early Maroc for outdoor growing, in indoor it will be a difficult plant to grow because it needs a high lumic intensity during all the cultivation to prevent genetic anomaly.

This variety of marijuana produces robust compact plants, with really dense and resinous buds, and easy to grow. But if we have to refer to an own characteristic, we must indicate its precocity: it can be cut in mid August and if its planted in March-April, this time will be shortened.

Early Maroc riches a medium tall size (125-175 cm) which gives good harvests even with minimum cares on not very suitable terrains. Also, and mostly during flowering, its nutrient needs are low.

For its growing in balconies and terraces, for what it‰ۡó»s really adapted, it‰ۡó»s recommended of using pots of minimum 25L; growing in 40-50L pots will give us its best performance.

We can say that the Early Maroc variety is specially created for the "guerilla growth" because of its excellent adaptability to the arid terrains and for its early flowering. All this things facilitate it to be ready before the woods are invaded of thieves, hunters and mushroom pickers.

When the plant is green, it presents a sweet aroma, very similar to the strawberry chewing gum smell. While its curing process it‰ۡó»s getting done, this aroma will be gaining spicy notes and from old wood. About its effect, it‰ۡó»s slightly euphoric the first 30 minutes and in the second phase of the high, comes to be relaxing also in mind and body. That second phase is short.

It‰ۡó»s a perfect plant for making hashish, with qualities really near to the best Moroccan double zero.

Genetics: Maroco landrace.

Content Sativa-Indica: 100% Sativa.

Outdoors harvest: First-last August, depending on the germination period.

Outdoors production: 250-350 g / plant.

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