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Pandora Automatic Marijuana Seeds

Pandora Automatic


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Pandora is our novelty in automatic blooming varieties. No doubt currently the best automatic in the world. The automatic genes are preserved but other than that she is a real Indica variety along the lines of Afghani, Spoetnik and Sensi Star. The plants are compact and so are the aromatic buds. Pandora is a medium sized plant, approximately 90cm indoors to 120cm tall outdoors. The plants will yield a firm amount of long sized compact buds, topped with a big layer of resin. The leaf to calyx ratio is ideal for quick manicuring. The overall effect is powerful and long lasting. Pandora finishes within 65 days from seed to harvest, with an impressive yield, up to 100 grams per plant.

This variety is possibly the best choice when you want to harvest early and in Mediterranean areas even have multiple harvests per season. A must have in every garden, balcony or even in the window.

Type: Autoflowering indica/sativa 90/10
Lifecycle: from seed to harvest, 60 to 65 days indoors and max. 75 days outdoors.
Outdoors in colder regions Northern latitude: Start in May/June and finish in July/August. In warmer areas multiple harvests are possible. In tropical areas the whole year round.
Yield: 400-450g/m2 indoors; 60-100g/plant outside
Effect: Long lasting intense stoned effect, relaxing and medicinal.
Aroma/Taste: Sweet & spicy.
THC: 15-18%

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