• Original Cheese (IBL)
Original Cheese (IBL)

Original Cheese (IBL)


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Original Cheese IBL (inbred line) is a classic and unique strain, dating back to the end of the 80's it was for sale in some coffee shops in Amsterdam, then it disappeared and Super Skunk became the most popular for some time. We received the original female Cheese clone in 2003 from our red eyed friend in London. Since, we have crossed it with several varieties but never released any, instead we decided to make it available in its pure original form.

Plants are giving high yields of very hardy & large chunky buds with the distinctive Cheese smell and flavour. We recommend the Original Cheese (IBL) to all lovers of very pungent Skunk.

Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid
Flowering period: 56 days. Outdoors: Beginning of october (n.L.)
Indoor yield: 400/500 gr/m2. Outdoor yield: 600 gr/plant
Suitable environments: Indoors. Outdoors between 50̴å_ n.L. and 50̴å_ s.L.
Effect: Strong physical and head high
Flavour: Cheese skunk
THC: High
CBD: Low

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