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For a remarkable indoor harvest of up to 600g per square meter under a 600-watt high-pressure sodium light you won‰ۡó»t do better than Jacky White.
The hardiness also means an even better yield when grown outside as you would expect but you must have a moderate to sunny climate.
Jacky White is a Sativa dominant hybrid which means that she grows like a Sativa although she has also retained the best of the Indica‰ۡó»s virtues including a fast finish and an easy to grow plant. This ancestry also means that Jacky White will give you a Sativa stone mixed with a bit of Indica to smooth out the speed of a pure Sativa high ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ lucid and cerebral with a lovely body buzz, the stone lasts.
Stability, high yield, fast finish and stability are all great attributed belonging to Jacky White and when the plants grow you will find that there are only slight variations amongst them. The plants also like to branch so will do best in a set up that allows for extra space for side branch development. You can also try bending or pruning to increase the yield and for the full flowering time Jacky White will give off a scent of grapefruit so that‰ۡó»s sixty days of scent plus loads of stocky colas that glitterwith resin. Add to all that the luxurious haze-citrus taste and there‰ۡó»s nothing more you could add to this wonderful smoke.

Type: Sativa/Indica (75/25)
Flowering time: 60 days indoors. Outdoors, middle of October (n.L.)
Yield: 500+ grams per m2 indoors. Outdoors 600+ grams per plant
Environment: Indoors. Outdoors between 50 n.L. and 50 s.L.
Effect /Buzz: Soft cerebral pleasant
Smell/Taste: Grapefruit
THC: 15-18%

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