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White Widow is, as many would guess, our own variety of the original White Widow. Many of our friends and we ourselves have grown this strain many times before we started to sell it. We can gladly state that our version of the White Widow gets a massive production of big crystals on the plants. We have tried to grow the strain in grow rooms with high humidity and have noticed that this strain is very resistant to mold.

The original White Widow was created in Holland 1994 and quickly became a popular strain. The original was created by the well known Shantibaba. The name "White Widow" was given to this strain due to its enormous crystal production.

White Widow has a typical weed smell with a gentle scent of citrus.

The high is strong and hits mostly on the body.

We recommend growing this strain indoor as we have never tried this variety outdoor.

Growing advices indoor:

Recommended lamp: 85W-1000W low energy, LED, MH or HPS.

Potsize: 6.5-11L

Recommended air humidity under vegetation phase: 50-70%

Recommended air humidity under flowering phase: 40-50%.

Height: 70-120 cm
Yield: 25-80 gr.
Harvest outdoors:̴Ì_october
Harvest indoors:̴Ì_8-9 weeks
Strength: Strong

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