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Auto Viking Blue is our version of the Auto Blueberry, it is a crossing of autoflowering genetics with genetics from our "regular" non-autoflowering Blue Berries.Auto Viking Blue has an aroma of berries, especially blueberries, you can even feel the taste when you smoke it!The rush is heavy but still up. If you want a more upward high, do not let the plant get over mature. If you want some really strong weed, give it some days extra in the flowering period.This strain is a great choice for everyone who wants a nice and delicious taste of the smoke!The seeds are 100% autoflowering and feminized and can handle both cold and bad weather excellently. It‰ۡó»s no problem for this plant to grow in northern climates. We have grown the plant on a latitude of 70̴åÁ N and got very nice results!

Growing advice indoor:
Recommended lamp: 85W-1000W low energy, LED, MH or HPS.
Pot size: 3-7L
Recommended air humidity under vegetation faze: 50-70%
Recommended air humidity under flowering faze: 40-50%.
The plant can stand air humidity up to 70% under the flowering period, something that our tests have confirmed, though our recommendation is an air humidity of 40-50% under the given period.
Growing advice outdoor:
Start the seeds indoor in small pots or outdoor in a small propagator, to protect the small plants from hard weather, for 7-14 days
Choose a sunny place on an open area, so that the plants can get a lot of sun
Prepare a hole for 7-15l that you fill up with nice soil
Bring your plants outside when the nights are not colder than 10-15 degrees̴Ì_
P.S. Remember an important thing! The strength of the light outdoor is much stronger than indoor, so make sure that you let your plants adjust to the sun. You can do that by taking out the plants for a few hours on the balcony or by putting them in the window. Take care not to put the plants in the sun directly, an advice is to put them in shadow the first days outdoor.

Height: 25-45cm
Yield: 15-30 gr.
Harvest indoors: 80 days
Harvest outdoors: 110 days
Strength: Strong

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