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Black Widow is rich in heritage having been grown and improved upon since 1994. In this time it has won multiple awards including the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Black Widow has an incredible resin production and with indoor growth it will experience flowering within 8 to 10 weeks. The plant is favoured by both experienced and novice growers thanks to its unique growing properties.

Strain name: Black Widow

Family of breed: Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica

Breeder: ShantibabaÌÎ_̴Ìös

Preferred medium: Bio and Hydro, Indoors and outdoors/greenhouse
Expected yield: Indoors 350/450g/m2, G/h and outdoors 300/400 g/plant

Flowering period: Indoor flowering time expect approximately 8-10 weeks. Harvest date in the northern hemisphere should be by the end of Sept to the beginning of Oct and in the southern hemisphere end of March to April.

Recommendations: For the inexperienced grower to the most advanced grower_but it is all in selection.

Special Notes: Numerous growers world wide who know how to grow will have at some time or other had this plant on their grow list. The plant is vigorous and well scented not to mention it frosts up the last weeks of the flowering cycle. Highly recommended.

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