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Zod is a strain that has something for everyone. ̴Ì_Looking for a chunky-sweet O.G.? ̴Ì_Got it. ̴Ì_Need a sweet base for extraction flavours?̴Ì_

There's a pheno for you. ̴Ì_From buds that produce nugs the size of two-liter soda bottles to snow covered cherry-flavoured golf balls, Zod is sure to have something you like. ̴Ì_It‰ۡó»s a strain for advanced growers and pheno-hunters alike. ̴Ì_There are about six different phenotypes to look for with yields ranging from 400-500 grams per meter squared. ̴Ì_Flavours are sweet to sweet-kushy. ̴Ì_Most will show signs of purple, but one or two will stay a brilliant lime green with electric orange hairs.

Viper City x Kryptonite

Flowering - 55-60 Days

Inidica Dominant

Indoor & Outdoor

Yield - High

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