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Viper Cookies

Viper Cookies

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MOXIE's house OG mixed with the legendary Forum Cookies. ̴Ì_Truly a match made in Indica heaven. ̴Ì_Both strains have a very heavy beta-Caryophyllene content making them extremely sedative and effective at fighting anxiety. A couple puffs of this spicy-sweet delight will have you sitting down Whilst your stressors float away. ̴Ì_This plant is strong and can easily yield 500g/m2, but its THC content can easily top 25% as well, making it a truly profitable plant for growers and extractors alike.

60-65 Days

Indoor & Outdoor

Indica Dom

Viper City OG x Forum Cookiey

Yield ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ Very high

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