• Viper City OG XIII
Viper City OG XIII

Viper City OG XIII

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We took our house O.G. and back crossed it with the original female to get a more stable Lemon-leaning plant. ̴Ì_Less purple than its father, VCOG XIII will produce the same proportions of yield and resin production. ̴Ì_The flavour leans more towards a spicy incense and is easier to grow than the predecessor. ̴Ì_For growers looking for a strong strain with great resistance to moulds and pests, look no further. ̴Ì_Put her outdoors to see massive trees that finish relatively early. ̴Ì_The buds are dense like rocks and dripping with resin. ̴Ì_This plant makes excellent water hash.

Indica Dom

60-65 Days

Indoor & Outdoor

Viper City O.G x Lemon O.G.

Yield - High

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