• Goji Glue
Goji Glue

Goji Glue

Moxie Seeds

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Goji Glue is one of the most archetypal strains in the Moxie lineup. ̴Ì_Its frost is unparalleled with THC percentages that can scrape the low 30s. ̴Ì_She grows strong and yields big for any skill level. ̴Ì_The creamy flavors of the Glue mixed with the sweet tropical flavors of the Goji leave behind notes of caramel. ̴Ì_This plant is an extractors dream no matter what method of extraction is employed. ̴Ì_Feed her plenty and watch it pay you back tenfold.

Goji x Gorilla Glue

8 Weeks

Heavy Yields

Indica Dom

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