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S.O.D.K Auto

S.O.D.K Auto

Mephisto Genetics

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S.O.D.K is the abbreviation for a hybrid new strain Mephisto Genetics concocted: Sour Orange Diesel Kush - is Sour Orange Diesel (Original Diesel - DNA x Sour Orange Male (Sour Diesel x Agent Orange) ) - from L.S.G. The initial cross was made to an Orange Diesel Auto in their breeding collection, then at f1 the S.O.D x Auto Orange Diesel was crossed to their Triangle Kush Auto project f1 and bred to auto as its own strain.

S.O.D.K auto is a very pleasurable strain all around, it's easy to grow, makes big colas, she has compact crystal covered buds, and an excellent aroma and taste.

Mephisto Genetics have specifically looked for heavy Sour Diesel dominant phenotypes to breed with during selection over the generations and continue the line as the intention is to bx her to a Sour Diesel clone for a future Mephisto bx line.

The pure Sour Orange Diesel came out very sativa dominant, but with the addition of the Triangle Kush to the mix, a little more indica influence has appeared, and given a second injection of trichomes to the variety. She has a deep rich green colouration and resin development is fantastic from early on.

Yield is decent and 90g/3oz + is achievable with decent conditions.

AKA: Sour Orange Diesel Kush

Variety: Indica / Sativa

Yield: 90 gr/plant

Plant Height: 100 cm

Flowering Time: 75 days from sprout

Taste / Flavour: Fuel, Orange

Effect: Head

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