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Ripley's OG Auto

Mephisto Genetics

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On Mephisto Genetics quest to find and create the best auto-flowering representation, they have worked tirelessly for success. In a year of trialling many famous and elite branded seeds and cuts this was the second paired with the Triangle Kush that they fell in love with.

It was an Alien OG passed to them derived from a large selection of Cali connection stock, she was compact, squat and fat with lush thick leaves, oozing resin contrasted by deep luscious autumnal colours, purple verging on black during late flower with slightly cooler night-time temps.

The initial yield was great for an OG and running her successively she produces very hard juicy buds of the highest quality.

Mephisto Genetics autoflower match for her was of a larger stature for AF's with a sativa leaning makeup, this transferred through into the Ripley's OG as she evolved over the subsequent generations, the parental influence opened up her structure and averaging 110cm she is amongst their tallest varieties.

Yield is very good and given a good life and environment, well grown specimens can produce 120g/4oz per plant.

Variety: Indica / Sativa

Yield: 120 gr/plant

Plant Height: 110 cm

Flowering Time: 70 days from sprout

Taste / Flavour: Berry, Sweet

Effect: Energetic, Strong

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