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White Widow

White Widow


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Plant with a very medicinal effect, with high CBD content and thus suitable for treating many illnesses and chronic aches. Medium THC percentage, so it is perfect for everyday medicine. Sea of Green growing technique is perfect for this variety.

Between twenty-five and thirty plants can be placed in a square metre, forming a compact, uniform, green surface. Very sharp fragrance, its acidity and sweetness will mix inside your mouth and show you the power of the authentic White Widow.

60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Growing period indoor: 3-4 weeks
Indoor flowering period: 55-60 days
Indoor production per m2: 450gr
Outdoor height: 1.5-2m
Outdoor harvest: early October
Outdoor production per m2: 500-750gr

THC: 12-16%
CBD: Very high

Genotype: Hybrid of Brazillian and South-Indian varieties

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