• Mendocino x Purple Kush
Mendocino x Purple Kush

Mendocino x Purple Kush


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This plant is cross between 2 mythic strains brought from Canada as the Mendocino Purple, know as well as ̴åÂMendocino Purps̴å or ̴åÂPurps̴åÂ, originally from Mendocino, a county from Humboldt (California) and the Purple Kush, very famous, not only for its high narcotic effect but as well for the purple colour of its buds covered in resin and its incredible earthy flavour. ̴Ì_It is a plant of a long bearing but very robust and with a very large leaf. It̴åÇs recommended for Indoor to use SOG due its big size. It doesn̴åÇt like overfeeding and it shows it immediately when we have exceeded. We have to take in consideration the amount of nutrients of the soil when adding liquid fertilizers. Their 4 phenotypes gives a colour scale that goes from green to intense violet and makes it spectacular. Its aromas vary from the intense earthy of the Purple Kush and the sweet touches of the Mendocino Purple. ̴Ì_The phenotypes more purple are normally in the buds with a sweeter smell and the green phenotypes in the earthy ones. Being the ̴åÂgreener̴å plants the ones that end up the flowering state 5-7 days early.


2nd Extraction - Canafac-Acmefuer 2014 Canarias

5th Indoor - Copa Thc Valencia 2014

2nd Extraction - Oil Hunters Cup 2014 Madrid

Genetics: 60% indica 40% sativa

THC: High

CBD: low

Genotype: Mendocino Purple x Purple Kush

Indoor vegetative period: 2 weeks

Indoor flowering period: 8-9 weeks

Indoor production/m2: 450g

Outdoor height: 2-3m

Outdoor harvest: Beginning of October

Outdoor production/m: 600g

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