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This robust variety is a good choice for the novice gardener and experienced grower alike. She combines power, quality, and flexibility within a relatively short flowering time. White Satin is made for easy growing_Eí_EC plant and harvest with a minimum of effort. The main flowering power is located on the central stem, which can expand into a very fat cola, but also the side shoots deliver quality _Eí_Eunuggets_Eí_Ey. White Satin has proven to be very versatile for Sea of Green or SCROG (Screen of Green) methods. Even under low light conditions (min. 15-20,000 lumens/m2), such as under fluorescent tubes, CFL lamps and 150-250W HPS the performance is satisfying. For optimal results we recommend 400W/m2. Her medium height, good yield, and well-balanced, intensive high have made her a popular variety ideal for indoor. The aroma of the flowering plants is mild. This makes White Satin an interesting choice for growers who require a low odour plant for _Eí_Eustealth_Eí_Ey cultivation. The dried buds are however delicious in fragrance and taste.

White Satin can develop an extremely large and dense main cola, so it_Eí_Eys a good idea to keep humidity between 35-50%, and night time temperature not below 20 deg C, as a prevention to mould. Check the head buds at least once before harvest if they are very fat, or if you have constant high humidity in your grow space. The plants with the highest resin output will also cover many leaves with trichomes and provide an extra treat for hash enthusiasts using bubble/pollinator bags or other hash production techniques.

Outdoor most plants will finish end of September in southern latitudes. In regions above 46 deg N the harvest is mid to late October depending on climate and when you planted. We recommend outdoor cultivation up to 50 deg N. White Satin will grow into a very broad bush-like tree up to 2-2.5 meters with massive yield if planted early in quality soil. To achieve a shorter, more discreet size we recommend pruning the top during early growth or planting out in June.

Type: indica-sativa
Contains land race genetics from: North India (Punjab)
Cultivation: indoor/outdoor
Flowering time: 65 days/September-October
Yield: 400-500 gr/m2 (dry weight)
Aroma: sweet-fruity bouquet with a touch of apricot.
High: a potent, up-high that leaves you clear-headed yet wonderfully stoned; recommended as "leasure and pleasure" cannabis; physically stimulating.
Potency: 7/10; no nervous side-effects (racy heart, etc.); suitable for regular med users.
Medical potential: this strain shows potential against anxiety and depression.

This strain has been discontinued.

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