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7/8 Sour

7/8 Sour


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The 7/8 Sour is a Sativa Dominant plant that captures the nose of the Sour Diesel with slight undertones of the Spicy Jack. Structurally it grows like Sour with tighter node spacing and denser buds. As with most Sour Diesel front loading your nutrients in flower with the ppm levels higher the first three to four weeks is recommended. It works well with super cropping or topping methods and can yield up to 200g in ideal conditions. The Original Loud which is Sour Diesel x Spicy Jack was a rare accident that actually influenced the forming of Loud Seeds as a company.

Strain Type: Sativa
Genetics: Loud x Sour Diesel
Height: Tall
Flowering Time: Medium
THC Content: High

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