• Aphasia Haze
Aphasia Haze

Aphasia Haze

Lady Sativa Genetics

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We used the legendary UK Clone SSSDH which was originally bred by Rezdog and we hit her with our Orange Diesel Male. This cross a unique blend of smells and flavours of Sandalwood pine coming from the Silver Haze with a heavy Super Sour musky Diesel with a twist of Orange zest that will leave amazing fragrance in your garden. Expect plants to stretch in flower like most typical Haze,we advise to use plant supports,high calyx to leaf ratio so not much trimming is needed during harvest.̴Ì_

Genetics: Super Silver Sour Diesel haze X Orange Diesel̴Ì_

Genotype: Sativa Dominant

Flowering: 65-75 days

Yield: Medium-high

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