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Origin and popularity

Skunk is one of the most well-known cannabis classics in the world and its superb basic genetics are often used in other types of cannabis. This exceptional classic is a mix of 35% Sativa and 65% Indica. The Skunk originates from Sativa dominant Colombian, Mexican and Afghan parents. Skunk is getting more and more popular and is always being improved. It‰ۡó»s well known for its incredibly sweet flavour and big buds that deliver a great harvest. Skunk is also very suitable for medicinal purposes.


Skunk can be grown outdoor and indoor. It‰ۡó»s a strong and sturdy plant that isn‰ۡó»t easily affected by moulds and diseases. That makes Skunk suitable for first time growers as well. It can be grown in both cold and warm climates, because it isn‰ۡó»t sensitive to cold or rain. The plant stays fairly small (with indoor growing one and a half meters at most), but because of the giant buds the yield is still high. The plant has a short blooming period of about 8 weeks. During the blooming period the Skunk plant quickly produces robust stems and branches, fan-shaped leaves and enormous buds. For the best taste-experience we advise you to harvest the Skunk after about 7 or 8 weeks of blooming, but if you‰ۡó»d like to go for a more heavy effect, you can let it bloom for another week.

Character and flavour

The smoking of Skunk is lovely and heavy. The flavour is unique and easy to recognize; deep, sweet and fruity. You‰ۡó»ll experience a clear high immediately after smoking it, the heavy physical stone is usually experience a bit later. The Skunk is perfectly balanced. It really is one of those kinds of cannabis that you should definitely at least try once in your life, even though it probably won‰ۡó»t just be that one time. Medically Skunk is used to reduce stress and fears.

Unique traits

- Strong plant that isn‰ۡó»t sensitive to moulds

- Resilient against cold and rain

- Recognizable sweet scent and flavour

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