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Kera Matic Automatic

Kera Matic Automatic


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Origin and popularity
Keramatic AUTO is made out of a mix between a powerful Skunk, a White Dwarf and a Ruderalis. Because Keramatic AUTO has been crossed with a Skunk, it has a rich skunky smoke and a higher yield than other autoflowering cannabis plants. Keramatic AUTO is the perfect plant for the autoflowering grower who‰ۡó»s keen on some variation.

The Keramatic AUTO is a small and compact plant, which will still guarantee a high yield. So if you haven‰ۡó»t got much space, but still want to grow indoor, Keramatic AUTO is an excellent choice. Because of its Ruderalis genes it‰ۡó»ll bloom automatically. After about 8 to 9 weeks it‰ۡó»ll be ready for harvest. It‰ۡó»s an incredibly fertile plant that‰ۡó»ll grow remarkably well both indoors and outdoors.

Character and flavour
Keramatic AUTO has an overwhelming and edgy taste and scent. The smoke is rich and skunky, just like the taste. Keramatic AUTO is an exceptional plant that causes strong stoned effect. It‰ۡó»ll make you feel content and relaxed. Medically Keramatic AUTO is used to relax the muscles, fight migraines and reduce stress.

Unique traits
- Rich skunky smoke
- Relaxing impact
- Stays small and compact, but gives a high yield

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