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Origin and popularity
Dutch Power 2.0 is a popular and strong plant from the Netherlands. Dutch Power 2.0 is mainly Sativa (75%), but has also got a robust Indica pallet which makes the plant very powerful. The Dutch Power 2.0‰ۡó»s most common characteristics are its capability to grow extremely well both indoor and outdoor, it doesn‰ۡó»t get too large and it ensures you of a fantastic yield. The plant owes its name to its strong cannabis. Dutch Power 2.0 is a real quality plant.

Dutch Power is suitable for growing indoor and outdoor. It‰ۡó»s a fast growing and reliable plant that will give you a high yield and is relatively easy to grow. So Dutch Power is also suitable for first time growers. The plant doesn‰ۡó»t get too large, but the buds are rich in crystals, large and compact. The blooming period of the Dutch Power is 8 to 9 weeks.

Character and flavour
Dutch Power has a gentle and bittersweet taste and a rich mild smoke. The sweet taste is caused by a lemon flavour and the bitter taste comes from herb-like flavours. Dutch Power causes a strongly energetic effect with an intense high. It‰ۡó»s a real pick-me-up that‰ۡó»ll make you energetic and happy. Medically the Dutch Power is used for pain and stress relief and to suppress fear.

Unique traits
- Gentle flavour
- Real pick-me-up

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