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Origin and popularity
Critical is a plant that is getting more and more well-known. In only a short period of time it‰ۡó»s become the most grown and most popular type of cannabis in Spain. This isn‰ۡó»t surprising, because the Critical is the kind of cannabis plant that truly has it all. A high yield, easy to grow, a short blooming period, a great taste and a powerful effect. This also makes the Critical the ideal plant for commercial growers. It can‰ۡó»t go wrong and the quality is always great. It‰ۡó»s composed of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa.
You can grow Critical indoors as well as outdoors. It isn‰ۡó»t sensitive to moist and moulds, so you can grow it outside without any worries, but indoor it‰ۡó»ll do just as well. Critical is a fast plant with a short growing and blooming period. It takes about 70 days for it to get from the sprouting stage to the harvest stage. Critical is a small plant with large light green leafs. This doesn‰ۡó»t mean that the yield is low, because the white flowers produced by the Critical, are covered in big crystals that‰ۡó»ll give you a high yield by the end of the blooming period.
Character and flavour
The strong scent of Critical is wonderfully fruity and remarkable. The taste isn‰ۡó»t just musk-like, but also has hints of wood and lemon. The Exciting Critical gives you an intense high that‰ۡó»ll make you feel like you can take on the world. Medically the Critical is used for stress and pain relief.
Unique traits
- Small plant with a high yield
- Powerful effect

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