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Origin and popularity
Crazy Mouse, FKA̴Ì_Amsterdam Cheese is one of the most potent cannabis sorts in the world thanks to its Afghan father. Because of its high THC levels and its incredibly strong cheesy scent it‰ۡó»s a cannabis plant you won‰ۡó»t soon forget. This classic plant‰ۡó»s composition is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Crazy Mouse̴Ì_is very popular in the United Kingdom, which is also where the Cheese originates from. This plant has won several cannabis cups and is swiftly conquering the world.
Crazy Mouse̴Ì_isn‰ۡó»t the easiest plant to grow, but if you do it right, you‰ۡó»ll get a lot in return. The Crazy Mouse̴Ì_is a remarkable plant that‰ۡó»ll give you a high yield. The plant‰ۡó»s blooming period is 8 to 9 weeks and when grown outside you can harvest it around October. Crazy Mouse̴Ì_doesn‰ۡó»t get too big, on average a little taller than a meter, but this doesn‰ۡó»t affect your yield.
Character and flavour
The Crazy Mouse‰ۡó»s heavy scent of cheese and its yellow flowers do its name justice. Crazy Mouse̴Ì_is high in THC which causes the effects to be enjoyable and long-lasting. You‰ۡó»ll get both stoned and high off this plant which‰ۡó»ll put you in a cheerful mood. Crazy Mouse̴Ì_elevates your mood and makes you forget all your troubles. Medically Crazy Mouse̴Ì_is used to fight fear, depression and stress.
Unique traits
- Powerful and unique cheesy scent
- Elevates your mood

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