• Amnesia Mac Ganja!
Amnesia Mac Ganja!

Amnesia Mac Ganja!


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Origin and popularity

The Amnesia Mac Ganja!, 80% Sativa en 20% Indica, is the result of years of growing, crossing and improving. It is a crossing between the original Amnesia and a Mexican Haze. Designed and developed by the master himself ‰ۡÌÝ?the Ganja Man‰ۡó?

Amnesia is a strong and powerful plant and very popular because of its extremely strong effect and sweet herbal flavour. It‰ۡó»s probably one of the most famous and strongest types of Haze in the world. The Amnesia owes its name to the fact it would cause loss of memory, but with this crossing you will lose your mind for sure.

This strain is a true cup winner and is one of the most popular strains in the Dutch Coffee shops.̴Ì_This unique strain was sold as a regular edition only in the past. But after years of hard work we are very proud to present you the feminised edition.̴Ì_This strain will be available from the beginning of 2014. ̴Ì_


The Amnesia Mac Ganja! Has a short blooming period of only 9 weeks, but this doesn‰ۡó»t affect the delicious, specific Haze scent and flavour. This Sativa-dominant plant will give you a medium yield and will grow between 80 and 100 cm tall. The Amnesia Mac Ganja! is a sensitive plant, so it does require some extra attention. Don‰ۡó»t let this scare you off, because it‰ۡó»s absolutely worth it.

Character and flavour

Amnesia Mac Ganja! has a sweet and herbal-like Haze scent and flavour. The Ganja Man is real Haze fanatic and you can tell by the way the traditional Haze-traits have been optimized with this plant. When you smoke Amnesia Mac Ganja!, you‰ۡó»ll soon notice the powerful effects.

Your world will be put upside-down because of the spicy and sweet flavour and overwhelming, almost hallucinative high. No other type of cannabis will get you as relaxed as this one. Medically, Amnesia Mac Ganja! can be used to reduce stress, pain and anxiety.

Unique traits
Extremely powerful effect
Hallucinative high

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