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Mataro Blue


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This variety is dedicated to the Kannabia's original birthplace.
You can collect at the beginning of October and it occupies an area of few square metres. Indoors it needs from 8 to 10 weeks.
This plant comes from a genetic selection that we mixed with our male K so we suggest to practice the "Sea of Green" to take under control its development and optimize the production.
The colour of this plant changes from a green-purple into green-blue at the end of the flowering. This change is more evident with a cold climate, when the plant becomes electric blue.
The production is very generous: indoors you will collect more than 600gr/m2 and outdoors a minimum of 700gr per plant.
We suggest to use some support to hold the buds because they will grow very big and the heavy bunches of flowers will surprise you.
Height: Medium
Indoor flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer: October
THC level: 24%
Yield: High

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