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Our Mataro Blue influence predominates in this mix with Ruderalis and makes this autoflowering variety very productive and really flavourful.
Its height is usually from 25cm to 80cm; sometimes it will exceed 1.40 meters, but it is not very common.
As we have stabilised this variety for several generations, you quietly harvest in only 8 weeks: if you sow on April you will get a small harvest in midsummer.
To obtain the best results we recommend using HPS bulbs since his first transplant, after germination.
The use of 400W/HPS lamps up to 18 hours guarantees an optimal growth and a bountiful harvest.
The plant develops large flowers that tend to turn in the blue electric colour, the typical of the Mataro Blue variety.
The taste reminds the acid fruits flavour and the high is very strong as the psychoactive effect is the higher among the autoflowering market.
Get ready to be taken from the blue gnomes that will bring you in their enchanted world!!
Height: Small
Indoor flowering time: 5-6 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer: 8-9 weeks
THC level: 12-15%
Yield: Medium
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