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The name of this variety is due to the citrus aspect of the plant that starts with a yellow lemon colour that turns to orange and is sticky like the pulp of these fruits. The flavour is like fruit but more similar to candies infact this characteristric came from the bubblegum variety.
It is a plant with a short height and it extends its branches laterally so it is able to survive the brutal pruning. The "Sea of Green" is recommended to optimize the harvest.
It is a very strong plant, resistant to pests and mould and the mix is very productive in fact you can collect more than 500gr/m2 indoors and more than 600gr/plant outdoors because each plant occupies some squared metres.
This plant doesn't need special attention to obtain great results. Indoors it will be ready in 8 weeks while, outdoors, you have the harvest at the end of September.̴Ì_
Indoor flowering time:̴Ì_9-10 weeks
Outdoor harvest timer:̴Ì_October
THC level:̴Ì_19%
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