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This creation from HSO̴Ì_consists of a late 90‰ۡó»s uncirculated OG Kush X their ‰ۡÌÝ?old world‰ۡó? afghan male backcrossed to the original uncirculated mother. This fusion from the ‰ۡÌÝ?Old World‰ۡó? Afghani made for shortened time frames, stronger infrastructure and raised the already high resin counts. An F2 OG/Afghan male was used to backcross onto the original to solidify the strongly desired and defined gassy, pine and menthol aromas.

Type - 85% Indica, 15% Sativa
Genetics -̴Ì_
OG (Florida cut) x OG (Fc) x OG (Fc)/Afghan
Indoor Flowering -̴Ì_57-63 days
Outdoor harvest - Late September / Early October
Indoor yield -̴Ì_400-600 g/m2
Outdoor yield -̴Ì_1-4 Kg/plant
Outdoor height -̴Ì_3-4 m
THC -̴Ì_18-24%
Aroma -̴Ì_Petroleum, Pine, Menthol, Chocolate, Citrus

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