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Sour Power is another award-winning Sativa hybrid from HortiLab. ̴Ì_

Derived by crossing a Sativa dominant sister of HortiLab's StarBud with East Coast Sour Diesel V3, Sour Power is a mostly Sativa hybrid with a lovely genetic pedigree.

Sour Power is an ideal strain for beginners as it is relatively simple to cultivate, yet extremely potent. ̴Ì_The plants produce chunky, resin-coated sativa buds, sour in taste with a strong, gnarly aroma. ̴Ì_Sour Power will finish in 10-11 weeks and experienced breeders can expect bumper yields (1g+/W).

1st Place IC Mag 420 Cup Breeder Sativa 2013
1st Place IC Mag 420 Cup Breeder Sativa 2012
3rd Place 23rd High Times Cannabis Cup 2010

Mostly Sativa Flowering Time: +70days

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