• Sour Blackberry Diesel
Sour Blackberry Diesel

Sour Blackberry Diesel

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This sweet and sour will tempt your senses and drive your taste buds wild as Diesel funk explodes on your pallet.. On the inhale the Diesel predominates with lingering sweetness by the berries coating the tongue tingling as the flavour engulfs you on the hold, and the exhale deep sweet berry with a tang which wraps around the tongue and makes you smile knowing what‰ۡó»s to follow...This strain is a heavy hit quite narcotic with the Sour Diesel- a heavy med in its own right and now bound to the Plushberry which has a strong following and even stronger taste (with lovely purple colouring and serious flavour) making it more approachable to those with a sweeter tooth . There truly is outstanding flavour in this strain an absolute treat for the palate sweet and sour dark berries and you know you‰ۡó»re in good hands as the Sour Diesel interacts /...Also an outstanding strain for hash making... This is a strong strain not for novices as it will make u sit down for a bit, it certainly is a blissful effect, fully medicated an essential and great night time treat! With initial trials done and having excellent results, If any of the other Diesel strains are anything to go by this strain is going to blow up hard...grab em while you can ,this strain and its flavour are going to be legendary ..̴Ì_

Genetics: East Coast Sour Diesel x Plushberry

Indica/Sativa: 20/80

Yield: medium - high

Flowering time: 8 weeks

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