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Holy Smoke

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With the arms and fists of Kong! This profoundly hairy and sweaty brute gives a stone of epic magnitude thatÌÎ_s almost primitive in nature. ItÌÎ_s an intensely woven indica that piles on top of itself huge bracts and a THC profile so potent you might need to take a seat. Only the knowledgeable can tell that behind that peculiar smile is a well done and immensely content individual. KongÌÎ_s strength extends to so many levels that several hours can elapse without you having to move. It is fully medicinal and can be picked at six weeks for those that can't wait; seven weeks is optimal and at eight weeks the CBDs pick up really nicely and balance the high beautifully.
Type: 100% Indica̴Ì_
Genetics: IBL 2 [sweet pheno] motavation
Indoor Flowering Time: 50 days
Yield Approx: Heavy

This strain has been discontinued so check out Bomb̴Ì_AutoFlowering Seeds.

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