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Guava Dub-Star

Guava Dub-Star

Holy Smoke

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These are some strong medicinal plants, two Top Dawg legends meet in this cross with some seriously potent results, and The Bubba 13 brings an engine to the stone that is only surpassed by the huge expanse that rolls in compliments of the stardawg G13/HP...It‰ۡó»s beautiful and just opens up into medicinal bliss completely unattached just lush expanse, Beautiful red stems and tight configuration and as stems swell u realise this girl will put on the load... plants turn over like clockwork loading a fine sheen of resin from week 3 which just seem to coat every available surface,, when she fills you‰ۡó»ll be surprised the Guava 13 brings heaps and with the push of the Bubba.. She fattens quick! Calyx count up and resin everywhere she sure looks ,, dank dark hashy chem fruit will drive your senses wild and it sure does , beautiful cured strong meds !

̴Ì_The Bubba Kush 13 from Topdawg is an absolute legend and very rare ... we managed to hold onto a pack...every bean was pure fire! I have truly never seen broader indy leaves on any plant they are huge, and the stone is thorough to say the least/ and our chosen mum an absolute beast which has now been hit by the incredibly potent and tasty Guava 13... (Star Dawg (Guava) (F) x NYC HP13 (M))... Sooo much resin on this Strain it literally glows with jewels of Psychedelic resin coating every leaf, with buds and fat calyx‰ۡó»s sparkling... Earthy hashy Dank Coffee to dark fruity tones. And an incredible stone that will make you smile that uncontrollable grin and wipe your eyes time and time again...an absolute must have of some very select genetics...9 weeks flowering and 12 regular seeds, don‰ۡó»t miss this on

Genetics: Bubba Kush 13 x Guava 13

Flowering time: 8/9 Weeks

Yield: medium - high

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