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The Immense Fire Alien (OG Raskal) sold out everywhere in days. It's a pure winner and such a beautifully stable strain. A sublime match for it in the Gauva 13 (Topdawg), a flavour like no other and with the Stardawg behind it, a magnificent heritage and stone especially which was our aim to keep.

The results are truly stella! Alien Fire Fruit is an amazing plant sure to delight gardens the world over. It has the ability to grow some real top heavy buds reeking of the famous chem funk but dank fermenting and fruity. Its fragrances are beautifully deep wild forest musty-chem fruit slowly fermenting. But it's a wine of joy for the connoisseur. From start to finish an exceptional experience and housing a huge wallop of a stone!

Jars of this are the ultimate Christmas bag appeal flavour and the bouquet is̴Ì_exceptional. This one will paste you to your chair to start as your brain lulls around in cushion of funk and your senses are overwhelmed... Holy fire, really strong meds!

With 9 weeks flowering this fruit turns itself inside out, with exceptional resin production and the dawg's deep dankness. This is pure candy for your brain!

This strain is fast becoming an absolute must have so don't miss out.

Genetics: Fire Alien x Gauva 13
Flowering time:̴Ì_9 weeks flowering
Yield: High

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