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Lemon Cake


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Heavyweight have crossed Lemon Skunk with a dangerously powerful Cheese, resulting in another sensational strain. The unmistakable citrus tang and Cheese musk blend seamlessly, making Lemon Cheesecake a truly pleasurable smoke. The high is cerebral and creative, uplifting rather than mind numbing.

Despite the sativa element, Lemon Cheesecake has a short flowering time and will reward you with a bountiful crop in only 9-10 weeks. As growth is so vigorous, the vegetation period can be kept to a minimum, but stand well back once the flowering cycle has begun! Lemon Cheesecake is unstoppable, delivering huge pistil coated colas along every internode. Extra support is strongly advised, as the sheer weight of the giant buds can overload the branches towards the end of flowering.

Mega yields makes Lemon Cheesecake a safe bet for the commercial grower, and it‰ۡó»s also recommended for its medicinal properties. It‰ۡó»s particularly beneficial for stress related illnesses, loss of appetite and for alleviating the very unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy.


Genetics: Lemon Skunk x Cheese

Type: Sativa 80% Indica 20%

CBD: 0.3%

THC: 23%

Flowering Time Indoor: 9-10 weeks

Flowering Outdoor: Mid October (Northern hemisphere)

Height: 90 ‰ۡÌÝÌÕ 140 cm (Indoor) 120-180 cm (Outdoor)

Yield: 600-700 gm (Indoor) up to 800 gr per plant (Outdoor)

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