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Bubba's Widow


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This is a good add on to the Bubba Kush clone. HazeMan took the Aloha White Widow male, that has been proven to be one outstanding male to work with and hit it to one of the best Bubba Kush clone out there. This cross gave Bubba a bigger yield, but saved that Bubba's flavour and smell. You will find a taller bushier Bubba plant in this cross. It is mostly Indica with a hint of sativa. Give her the full 10 weeks, and you won't be disappointed. You will find some great pheno keepers that everyone will want a cut of.

Genetics: Aloha White Widow x Bubba Kush

Variety: Mostly Indica

Yield: Medium - High

Plant Height: Tall

Flowering Time: 9 - 10 weeks

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