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Automatic Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

Automatic Silver Haze

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The Auto Silver Haze strain is a Sativa dominant autoflowering strain that retains many of its Sativa roots. The plant will stay small at just 40cm in height in most cases but it will generate a generous yield of high quality cannabis. It is also relatively easy to grow and can be cultivated outdoors too.

Breeding a Sativa and Ruderalis typically means that many of the positive traits of the Sativa are lost but this is not the case with the Automatic Silver Haze. While you will enjoy the quick and easy growth associated with the autoflowering plant you will also enjoy the traits of Silver Haze that helped make it such a popular variant.

Indoor: 70 days (seed to finish)
Outdoor: 70 days (seed to finish)
Super Silver Haze x Ruderalis
THC 13-16%

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