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Orange Kush

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Another gem from Green Devil Genetics. A "strong Indica" Orange, with an earthy, citrus taste that is much sweeter than the father plant (OG Kush) thanks to the mother, Orange Bud (which is, in turn, the mother of Orange Haze). This is a plant of abundance, producing lots of flowers, large buds and plenty of resinous THC whether grown indoors or out! This strain has been described as the "caviar" of the cannabis world. Grown outdoors, your plant will need space to branch out, and will reach 2-3 meters in height, maturing at the beginning of October. It will have a high level of resistance to most pests and to mold. This is a strain with a great relaxing effect, that is even more effective when you embrace that relaxation and just sink into it.

Flowering: Photoperiod
Genetics: Orange Bud x OG Kush
Flowering Time: Medium
Height: Medium, Tall

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