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One of the main Sativas developed by Green Devil Genetics. In the 1970s a classic American Haze father was crossed with an Orange Bud mother to produce Orange Haze. With a shoter flowering period than other Sativas, you can expect large quantities of buds that will be ready in 63 - 65 days when grown indoors. If grown outdoors expect maturity in late October. Growth is prolific (2.5-3 metres high with internodal gaps) if not controlled.This strain has a high level of pest and mold resistance, making it an ideal plant for large-scale growth. Orange Haze flowers are dense and the leaves are small, so it's easy to manicure. The strain has an intensely critus, fruity flavour very like that of Valencian oranges, and provides an energetic, fast-paced and productive high.

Type: Indica / Sativa, Mostly sativa
Flowering: Photoperiod
Genetics: orange bud x haze
Flowering Time: Medium
Outdoor Harvest:
Height: Tall
THC Level: 15%

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