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Finest Taste and High Yields at once.

MAXI HAZE is a vigorous heavy yielding automatic strain with a powerful haze influence resulted by crossing the flavourful Haze GOM with our most productive auto AK. A new amazing and beautiful pearl of our collection.

MAXI HAZE grows like a sativa with a well branched structure that within only 75-80 days can grow up to 1,5 metres and yield 200 or more grams under optimum growing conditions. Both indoor and oudoor, it can give astounding results by applying Supercropping and/or LST/SCROG methods.

Its foxtail flowers are pretty dense and fully covered with white thricomes. Several specimens analyzed in the laboratory with gas chromotography equipment have revealed very high levels of terpens and an average of 18% THC content.

Very suitable for medical purposes.

Genetics:Auto Haze x Auto AK

Type:100% auto-flowering hybrid

Height:80-150 cm.

Flowering: Automatic from week 4

Harvest: 75 days after germination

Yield: 50-200g

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