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The Auto Mass strain is a 100% autoflowering variant of the Critical Mass plant. The resulting plant will still be generous in size like its Critical Mass predecessor but it has a shorter and more forgiving flowering period. There are, in fact, two phenotypes of this plant and they have distinct flavours and aromas - both of them are enjoyable.

One variant of the Auto Mass strain has a spicy aroma while the other is much fruitier and is reminiscent of a fruit cocktail. This plant has a great leaf to flower ration and will be ready to harvest approximately 10 weeks from germination.

Genetics: Critical Mass x Lowryder
Variety: Ruderalis (autoflowering)
Type: Feminised
Grows: Greenhouse / indoors / outdoors
Flowering Time: 100% automatic from week 3
Harvest Month: 70-75 days after germination

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