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YouÌÎÌ__ve hear that thereÌÎÌ__s the best and thereÌÎÌ__s the rest. We give you the best; Ken Kush!

Quite unlike any other Kush variety youÌÎÌ__ve tried, this Kush comes with a delectable taste of aromatic pine that leaves no after taste. Combined with a tinge of skunk aroma, what you get is a moist, aromatic and very powerful strain that also makes a fantastic organic medical strain.

Its buds are an opulent green shade, thick, compact and very nearly round, similar to sugary "balls of heaven" and yielding a scant number of leaves. Its buds are covered with dark orange-red hairs in a package reminiscent of snowy white crystals. Its frosty looks combined with a refreshing resin scent makes this variety stable and thorough with the genes and prestige that set apart the fantastic strain from an average one.

It has a like and bubbly appearance that makes it a salve for sore eyes, with a real pick me up, and get me going result for the brain and body.

Indoor Specifications
Height: 100-150cm
Flowering: 6-8 weeks
Yield: 1-2lbs (450-900g) per light

Outdoor Specifications
Height: 5-6' (1.5-1.8m)
Flowering: 60-70 days
Plant: June 1st
Finish: October 1st
Yield: 2-3lbs (0.9-1.3kg) per plant

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