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Ken's Honeydew

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 Ken's Honeydew is a mix of Humboldt Honeydew female (Himalayan Hashplant x Cambodian Golden Hashplant) and Ken's Kush male (OG Kush x GDP).

Ken's Honeydew offers an incredible high that is just perfect for relieving any sort of stress, tension or physical pain. 

Ridiculous yields will ensure even commercial growers are knocked of their feet, while stunning flavour and resilience means there is no one that shouldn’t be able to get some really good results. After just 10-11 weeks flowering, Ken’s Honeydew cannabis seeds offer a flavour that is as sweet and rich as honey itself, but with a Kush undertone that will have your taste buds singing. 

Type - Regular, Indica/Sativa

Flowering Time: 10 to 11 weeks

Yield: Heavy

Genetics: Humboldt Honeydew x Ken's Kush

THC: Up to 20%

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