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Northern Lights Auto

Northern Lights Auto


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This plant is a hybrid result of various crosses og the legendary NORHTERN LIGHTS with some auto-flowering strains.

It is a auto-flowering, productive and powerful. Its growth stage is of approximately 2 weeks and it quickly starts to bloom. For an auto-flowering plant, it is a good size and heavily branched giving superb buds on its lateral branches.

This one is ideal for the outdoors as it is not easily noticed. Indoors, under a photoperiod of 20/4 you can achieve good sized plants with plenty of produce.

The buds are thick and resinous with a sweet yet oaky taste and aroma.

Its effect is rather narcotic due to it's predominantly INDICA genetic and is quite potent.

Type: Northern lights hybrid x autoflowering
Production: 40 gr x plant int. - 75 gr x plant ext.
Flowering indoor: 40-60 days
Outdoor Harvest: 9 weeks

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