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Kritikal Bilbo Auto

Kritikal Bilbo Auto


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After various attempts at backcrossing the famed and award-winning Kritikal Bilbo with auto-flowering varieties, we finally developed this spanking new breed. Our resultant plant has given us a variety that has a fruity taste and scent, a medicinal effect and a respectable yield.

It grows so quickly that in barely 2 weeks, it automatically blossoms to resemble the Kritikal Bilbo.

This is the next generation of auto-flowering plant; stronger and more fruitful thanks to the various crosses which we have performed.

ItÌÎ_s an average sized plant thatÌÎ_s suited for inconspicuous exteriors like balconies or patios. Great results can be achieved if it is cultivated indoors, reaching heights of 60-70 centimetres or sometimes more.

It has weighty branches like the Kritikal Bilbo with thick and pungent buds, just like its mother.

It is ideal for those seeking an auto-flowering plant with fruity and sweet flavours and aromas.

Type: Kritikal Bilbo autoflowering hybrid
Production: 40 gr x plant int. / 70 gr x plant ext.
Flowering indoor: 60-70 days
Outdoor Harvest: 8 weeks

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