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Two extraordinary indica's, Black Domina and White Russian form the basis for this great strain. A short, compact plant which produces medium length branches for a strain that's almost totally indica. Flowering is dense and abundant and minimal leaf production makes this a very high-yielding strain. The taste is fruity and sweet with citrussy and earthy back notes. It's a dense taste which lingers in the mouth for some time. The effect is physical and very relaxing, ideal for restful moments. Most users have a very low tolerance to its effects, making it very interesting for medicinal use.

Lineage: Black Domina x White Russian

Genetic Background: 80/20 Indica/Sativa

Harvest Time: 50-55 days

Yield: 450g/m2

Taste: Sweet and citrussy, fruity

Effect: Relaxing and very medicinal

THC: 20%

CBD: 0.4%

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